World Day of Prayer Grants 2021

All of the grants from 2021 were recommended by different churches represented by the WDP committee of Vanuatu or related to the Vanuatu Council of Churches. They focus on training workshops to address the needs of women in the communities.

Economic empowerment of women – Anglican Church Women Mothers $900

Training workshop to educate and empower women to start their own businesses within the communities and urban areas of Vanuatu.

Trauma counseling – Presbyterian Women’s Missionary  Union $1,000

A five day-workshop for 30 participants from nine presbyteries to equip women and men for trauma counseling.

Training of Trainers  $1,000

A five day-workshop for 12 unemployed women from the rural area.

Women and Disaster Recovery – Apostolic Church Women $1,200

January to May training for women on agricultural tools and planting materials to preserve crops during the cyclone season as well as disaster recovery skills.

Capacity Building on Leadership Development – Churches of Christ Vanuatu Christian Women’s Fellowship  $2,000

Training 200 young women to take leadership roles in decision-making bodies at the local, provincial and national government levels. This two-week workshop will be held in four different areas around the country.

Women in Decision Making – Catholic Church $500

Build the capacity of women leaders to actively participate in the decision-making process in their communities.  The project will include participants from six islands.

Widow’s Capacity Building – Catholic Church $500

Participation of widows in the community to learn to be self-reliant. 20 participants.

Live More Abundantly – Seventh Adventist Church $900

This program will educate women to combat lifestyle related disease such as diabetes and obesity. Workshops will be held in four locations with sessions focusing on: health assessments, achievement celebrations, followed by weekly Live More Abundantly meetings and reflections.