World Day of Prayer Grants 2020

Remangwana Ravo (Their Tomorrow) Elaksasa Lavo, Harare, Zimabwe – $3,000

Their Tomorrow seeks to alleviate stress and pressure on mothers and caregivers of children with special needs. The project will help by providing home-based practical education and support to disabled children and their respective caregivers. The women and some of the children are taught how to make vaseline, dishwashing soap, toilet cleaner, bubble bath, shampoo and more. With the help of WDP Zimbabwe Committee Members, Churches and Mibatanidzwa (Church Women United) around Zimbabwe, the initiative will identify the mothers and children to benefit. They plan to visit all provinces in Zimbabwe to create a support system for caregivers and learning opportunities for the children.

Mucheke Old People’s Home, Masvingo, Zimabwe – $3,000

This Home was created by a deceased Reverend and is in need of support to reach its goal. Masvingo Mubatanidzwa, Churches and WDP Zimbabwe partnered together to help the Home. The Home is in great need of building renovation and electricity to warm water and food.

The project aims to take care of elderly people by providing food and accommodation, covering the cost of the medical expenses to the sick, and creating some activities to keep them active like rearing chickens or gardening. They would like to improve the living conditions and health of the elderly people living in the Home.

Omni Village Rehabilitation & Skills Development Centre, Zimbabwe  $3,000

This Centre was started to create alternatives for young people  and children living in the streets, such as discharged orphans over 18, former prisoners, disabled people, and migrants preparing to cross the border of South Africa.  The Centre plans to provide skill training such as welding, sawing and farming. Also, to visit children in the streets once a week, connect them with institutions that can provide training, pay their fees for training in areas of tourism and hotel management and collect data for the enrollment of the youth in future trainings.

Near East School of Theology, Beirut, Lebanon, $3,000

The Near East School of Theology (N.E.S.T.) is an interconfessional Protestant Seminary serving the evangelical churches of the Middle East. The primary purpose of the School is to train pastors and church workers for ministry in the churches and other evangelical organizations in the Middle East. It is also concerned with continuing education for pastors and church workers in active service and with theological education of the laity.  Their building suffered serious damage in the 2020 explosion.

Jeremiah Foundation, New York, NY – $3,000

The Jeremiah Program partners with diverse single mothers living below the poverty line and their young children to advance social and economic mobility. Education as a key lever for transformation and self-reliance is the heart of the Jeremiah Program two-generation prosperity solution. They provide holistic services designed to empower single mothers to graduate from college and launch a successful career while also preparing their children for educational and lifelong success.

Program name: Coaching, Life Skills, and Empowerment for Post-Secondary Success among Single Mothers in Brownsville