World Day of Prayer Grants - 2015

Bahamas AIDS Foundation, Nassau, The Bahamas – $6,500
One of the Foundation’s missions is to facilitate HIV prevention including the elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission.  Another primary goal is to disseminate HIV and AIDS education and information throughout the islands. They plan to create a public service announcement and an ad campaign targeted to women, specifically women of child-bearing age who are at high risk for contracting HIV. The PSA will air on local television stations, in movie theatres, and distributed through local clinics. They will also create an ad campaign for bus stop benches to encourage women to understand HIV awareness and prevention strategies.

Latino Union & Chicago Coalition of Household Workers, IL – $3,825
This organization collaborates with low-income immigrant workers to develop the tools to improve social and economic conditions. Their goal is to develop leadership within the immigrant worker community and create feasible alternatives o the injustices immigrant workers face.

Community of St. Therese Lisieux, TN – $3,000
This is a two-year residential community addressing the needs of women seeking to learn a new way of life after prostitution and addiction. It is an ecumenical, community-based project with a committed volunteer staff and support volunteers. CSTL’s target population is women being released from prison who are victims of sexual abuse, usually from an early age, by family members or friends of family.

Pangea Educational Development – Awach Secondary School HIV/AIDs Infected and Affected Girls Education Scholarship Program Through Piggery, Uganda – $3,100
This is a pilot project to provide a sustainable, income-generating piggery to enable girls affected and infected by HIV/AIDS to receive scholarships to secondary school. They plan to promote Peer to peer HIV/AIDs awareness and sexual and reproductive health through health school clubs sustained by the profits from this project for years come.

Missing Link, Uganda – $3,100

Lorwe Island is a 14-village-island located on Lake Victoria in the Bugiri District in Uganda. It has two health centers unable to deal with HIV/AIDS treatment due to a lack of trained health workers. This program is designed to educate out of school youth about HIV prevention as well as targeting peer educators, elders, youth, teachers and local leaders who are living with HIV/AIDS.

Women of Courage, Zimbabwe  – $2,000

Women of Courage is a group based approach to healing and empowerment of survivors of organized violence and torture facilitated by survivors themselves and using the tree as a metaphor to provide a framework for understanding the trauma experience as well as strategies for empowerment. Many rural and urban communities that suffered these forms of violence are exploring their own ways of rebuilding their lives and recovering basic forms of social activity. Women of Courage is a response to these local initiatives, laying the
groundwork for other processes of healing and of other processes.

Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees, Brooklyn, NY – $3,825

Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees (HWHR) responds to the needs of Haitian refugees and immigrants in the US fleeing persecution. They use education, community organizing, leadership development and collective action to empower HWHR members in their struggle for social and economic justice. They provide literacy classes, leadership training, legal clinics for immigrants, and provide birthing kits to midwives in Haiti. They are using the money from this grant to fund the Haitian Worker’s Project: a program that aims to empower workers. It is a community based initiative by and for Haitian immigrants that educates and organizes workers to understand their rights and responsibilities. The project incorporates campaign and movement work into an Adult Literacy project which includes a 3-week community leadership training centered around prevailing issues. The Survival English and Adult Literacy classes run from September to May, and in June they hold a Haitian Workers Project-Community Leadership Training.