World Day of Prayer Grants - 2014

Horus Foundation for Development & Training, Egypt – $4,500
An Egyptian organization working out of Sohag, Upper Egypt working for the betterment of community members particularly education of children and adults through literacy classes and empowerment programs. Valuable Girl is a girls’  empowerment program that empowers girls at risk of dropping out of school through educational mentoring. They work with local coordinators to train “big sisters” to work with the younger girls to support them and act as a bridge between the girls and their parents to keep the girls in school.

Santa Verena Charity, USA & Egypt – $4,500
Santa Verena Charity is a non-profit affiliate to Coptic hurches in LA and Hawaii. They initially focused on underpriviledged communities in Egypt and have now branched into Africa and Latin America. Their goal is to contribute to the eradication of poverty worldwide. Activities in Egypt, Sudan, Latin America, Brazil, Mexico deal with shelter, health, education needs and victims of violence; clean water, vocational training, childcare
centers and youth services.

Agricultural Mission for MULAC, Haiti – $3,000
Agricultural Missions, Inc. is an ecumenical organization established to provide accompaniment and support to communities, particularly rural peoples in their struggles for justice over food, land, and water issues. Project Summary: to purchase local seeds (not Monsanto) to be planted by mostly women farmers and rural communities. In addition to local seeds, water catchment and seed silo production will support an infrastructure for future production.

Women of Courage (formerly Tree of Life), Zimbabwe – $3,000

The Tree of Life is a group-based approach to the healing and empowerment of survivors of organized violence and torture, facilitated by survivors themselves. Many rural and urban communities that suffered are exploring their own ways of rebuilding their lives and recovering basic forms of social activity. The goals of this project will be to support Women of Courage to support rape victims, including girls, women and even men. The project will focus on conducting trauma healing workshops for rape victims, follow up meetings with participants, capacity building for leadership, support to rape victims in the form of referrals for medical treatment and one on-one counseling if required.

Forum for Community Changes and Development (FOFCOD), South Sudan – $2,000
FOFCOD is an organization that caters to society’s needs and advances women’s rights in South Sudan. Formed in 2009 by a group of innovative young girls and youths, the organization has grown into a broader movement committed to South  Sudan’s development through programs in the areas of human rights, democracy, conflict resolution, health, education, entrepreneurship, food security, peace and justice.

Borderlinks, AZ – $5,000
BorderLinks is a nonprofit educational organization in Tucson that focuses on cross-border relationship building opportunities, issues of immigration, community formation and development, and social justice in the borderlands between Mexico, the U.S., and beyond. The Border Delegations Program offers short immersion trips across the border (USA/Mexico) to learn about situations that push people to immigrate to the US and the dangers of that journey. Delegations meet on both sides – in Mexico with organizations that work with migrants, and in the US with humanitarian and environmental organizations. The goal is to challenge and change the discourse surrounding human migration and border security.