World Day of Prayer Grants - 2012

Cameroon Grassroots Global Network, Cameroon – $5,000

A network of woman centered self-help groups and community based organizations working to stop domestic violence and drug abuse related to HIV/AIDS. They promote education around HIV/AIDS particularly to women who are more likely to be stigmatized and avoid being tested. They also teach micro-finance activities and promote health services.

Capacitar, International – $3,000
An international network of empowerment and solidarity. They teach simple wellness practices, team building and self-development to awaken people to their own wisdom, strength and resources. From personal healing and transformation people reach out to their families and communities to heal injustice and create a more peaceful world. Begun in Nicaragua in 1988 as a response to violence and war trauma as a way to heal the stresses of daily life. Early workshops shared simple skills in body movement and acupressure to alleviate pain and stress and soon reached other communities, which will then be taught to community groups, women and families.

International Justice Mission, International – $5,000
Since 2005 IJM has given relief to over 11,000 victims of slavery, sex-trafficking and violence. Working in 16 international field offices, IJM investigators, lawyers and aftercare professionals (almost all nationals in the country they work) work with local officials to prosecute perpetrators and ensure that public justice systems such as police, courts and laws effectively protect the poor from oppression.

Jinja District Association of Persons with Disabilities Living Positive (JIDAP+), Uganda – $5,000

Organization created to support people with disabilities living with HIV/AIDS. They are part of a larger organization – National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU). JIDAP+ provides information and guidance regarding service delivery and partners with other disability organizations.

Leeiyen, Cameroon – $5,000

Working to defend human rights, especially women and children, human trafficking, HIV/AIDS and protecting people  against Malaria. Working in many areas including providing access to education, persons with disabilities, conflict  resolution and potable water projects.

Mpanzi, Kenya – $5,000
Mpanzi was founded in 2010 in Kenya and is dedicated to promoting development and peace in rural communities in Africa through education, empowerment and improved health care and livelihoods. Their work aims to support rural communities in Africa to reclaim their livelihoods, rights and empowerment. Mpanzi is founded on values of equality, the inherent dignity of women and girls, faith and community.

Public Welfare Foundation (PWF), Pakistan – $2,000

PWF is a Christian, non-denominational, development organization committed to uplifting oppressed, exploited, marginalized community members of society through economic, education and social programs. They focus specifically on members of society who reside in slums, villages and small towns, particularly ostracized women and neglected children.

St. Mary’s Orphans Educational Trust (SMOET), Uganda – $2,500

The goal of SMOET is to promote self-sustenance and improve the lives of widows and orphans in households in the Jinja region of Uganda through financial education, credit facilities, HIV awareness and agricultural support.

The Brooklyn African-American Clergywomen Oral History Project, NY – $3,000

The Clergywoman Oral History Project is committed to changing the status of women in the church to grant them equity with male pastors. Grants will allow them to sponsor a series self-help actions: teach-ins at local, female-led Brooklyn churches on the topic of HIV/AIDS and faith, exploring what the church can do to educate women and children about HIV/AIDS.

Work Options for Women (WOW) CO – $4,000
WOW is a culinary job training program designed to help disadvantaged individuals move out of poverty by helping them obtain entry-level employment in the food service industry. They target disadvantaged women who have multiple barriers to employment: little to no work experience, homelessness, lack of education, mental health issues, substance abuse and often criminal histories.

World Student Christian Federation-North America, NY – $5,000
Since 1895 the WSCF-NA has been a pioneering ecumenical organization providing opportunities for young people and students to come together to learn from each other’s cultural and spiritual experiences and work for social justice in local movements and reflect theologically from different perspectives. They have been critical in forming leaders for the ecumenical movement. Actively working to end oppression in communities on local, national and global levels by empowering young people to claim their voices, exercise leadership skills and build relationships in the church and the wider world.