World Day of Prayer Grants - 2011

Relmul Witral, Tirua, Chile – $6,000

Works with local indigenous communities of Lafkenche women who lost everything in the 2010 earthquake, training them to preserve their ancestral skills as textile weavers and providing them support in producing and commercializing their hand  woven products in order to restore their income.

Bonita, Antofagasta, Chile – $6,000

For the purchase of tables, chairs, plates, silverware, classroom and maintenance supplies for the ongoing ministry of an after-school program in a dangerous, vulnerable neighborhood.

Marta Brunet, Puente Alto area of Santiago, Chile – $6,000

Contracting teachers and purchase of much needed chairs, tables and paint to start a new outreach program that will serve mothers of the young children who currently attend a preschool for disadvantaged children. The goal will be to offer literacy, vocational coaching, job-hunting and parenting skills training that will enable the women to gain employment and better support their children.

Young Women’s Residence (Residencia de Senoritas), Chile – 

To replace worn mattresses, purchase wardrobe/closets, sheets and to purchase a printer that will allow the women to complete their school assignments. The Residence provides 
young women (ages 17-18) a safe, affordable place to live when they come to the city to study or seek employment.

Trabajo Para Un Hermano-Concepcion, Concepcion, Chile – $6,000

Training and support as well as tools and stipends to purchase supplies for micro entrepreneur artisans who have had no income since the 2010 earthquake. To provide new markets for artisans’ products outside affected earthquake areas and to build up the fair trade store Manos del Bio Bio’s capacity to attract clients and meet consumer demands.

Nireekshana ACET (AIDS Care, Education and Training), Hyderabad, India – $5,000

To provide care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS using a holistic approach through clinic-based services, community and home based care, AIDS awareness training, women’s empowerment and rehabilitation.

Good Shepherd Home for Children, Cameroon – $5,000

Support the Home’s Chicken Farm, a self-sustaining project providing both food and financial support. The Chicken Farm is one of several projects that provide for all the needs of 130 children who were either orphaned by the AIDS pandemic or have AIDS and/or epilepsy.

Madre: Farming for the Future, Guatemala – $5,000

To expand the successful Farming for the Future program from the current 30 women to 100 women who can rear their chickens, feed their families and sell eggs to earn funds for pencils and shoes so that their children can attend school.

Brick Kiln Children Literacy Centers, Narowal, Pakistan – $5,000

To start Literacy Centers at 4 brick kilns for the young children whose parents work at the kilns.

The Women’s Collective, Washington, DC – $5,000

Support for the Sister Act Institute which provides HIV/AIDS prevention education to girls ages 12-25. The Collective provides HIV care management, HIV prevention services and policy making to/for women, girls and families.

The Family House, WI – $5,000

Support for youth educational and leadership initiatives: Teen Talk and Food for Thought, designed to decrease usage of illegal drugs and alcohol in youth and children.

PACE Center for Girls, FL – $5,000

Support for the Center’s delinquency and victimization intervention work through the Spirited Girls Program which builds life management skills and helps young girls turn their lives around.

The Brooklyn Young Women’s Collective, NY – $5,000

Education for disadvantaged young mothers in self-care, health education and sexuality through the Power Sister Academy and to train them to be peer educators through the Advocacy and Thought Leadership Academy.

Homeward Bound, AZ – $5,000

Support for the organization’s work to break the multi-generational cycles of homelessness and domestic violence through their Helping the Working Poor Program and the children’s Service Programs.