World Day of Prayer Grants - 2010

Act Now and Educate a Child, Zimbabwe – $1,000

School supplies for marginalized children in rural and semi-urban primary schools, with emphasis on access to equitable education for girls.

Action for Vulnerable Children, Democratic Republic of the Congo/NC – $1,500

Shelter, education, health care, recreation and clothing for street children, with the goal of family reunification.

African Women’s Higher Education Opportunities, Zimbabwe – $1,500

For a human rights program that prepares African women to strengthen local communities and advocate for women’s rights.

Agricultural Missions – $1,000

To implement programs with Haitian women partner organizations for the rebuilding of viable rural communities in response to the earthquake.

Amapatsa, Malawi – $1,500

Funding work with women who are less privileged, enabling them to provide food and shelter for their children and empowering them with tools to improve their health.

Center of Intercultural Initiatives, Warsaw, Poland – $1,000

To support the center’s work for women’s equality and the protection of women’s rights, as Poland is a center of trafficking in Eastern Europe.

Coalition to Support Victims of Trafficking, Zimbabwe – $2,500

To support housing, education and services for girls who’ve been victims of trafficking and prostitution in the urban areas of Zimbabwe.

Community and school gardens, South Africa – $1,500

To help establish school and community gardens to support rural women, survivors of domestic violence, women with disabilities and schoolchildren.

Community Partnership Against AIDS, Cameroon – $2,500

To reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in ten villages and provide follow-up care to women and children living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Comprehensive Rural Health Project, India – $1,000

To support mental, social and spiritual development programs for adolescent girls and empower them to make healthy choices for themselves.

Global Action on Aging, Haiti – $2,000

To respond to the medical, mental health and social needs of older women who’ve suffered through the earthquake aftermath in Haiti.

Huairou Commission, Haiti – $1,500

Support for women’s leadership and participation in Haiti’s reconstruction, creating a more inclusive society and strengthening women’s rights to land ownership.

YWCA, Grenada – $1,500

Entrepreneurial skills training and personal development program for women with low incomes in rural housing developments, struggling in the wake of Hurricane Ivan.

YWCA, Haiti – $2,000

To support community outreach and redevelopment efforts for women and children who’ve suffered and remain suffering in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake.

Doctors Without Borders – $1,500

To ensure that necessary resources are quickly made available for ongoing emergency medical relief to women and children caught in Haiti’s most devastating crisis.

Land Access Group of South Africa – $1,500

For the Women’s Leadership Movement in its work to combat poverty and inequality, and advocate for rights to land forcibly taken from them.

Life and Water Development Group, Cameroon – $2,500

To improve health and education for underprivileged women and children and help the rural population live productive, peaceful lives.

Land Access Group of South Africa – $1,500

Support for the Women’s Leadership Movement in its work to combat poverty and inequality, and advocate for rights to land forcibly taken from them.

Life and Water Development Group, Cameroon – $2,500

To improve health and education for underprivileged women and children and help the rural population live productive, peaceful lives.

Plan Cameroon – $2,500

To improve access to birth registration, promote good hygiene and sanitation in families and communities, and provide support services to children orphaned by HIV and AIDS.

Reach Out Cameroon – $2,500

To ensure that women and youth in southwest Cameroon can build their lives for themselves, and alleviate major issues affecting them—HIV/AIDS, illiteracy and deep poverty.

Religions of Peace, Global Women of Faith Network – $1,000

Hands-on training concerning gender issues and HIV/AIDS, identifying strategies to address the challenges of HIV/ AIDS in African communities.

Rwanda Women’s Network, Rwanda – $2,000

Improving the socioeconomic welfare of women in Rwanda through the network’s efforts to meet the basic needs of women, children and families.

Seeds for Haiti – $2,000

Enables the survival of Haitian women farmers who grow corn and beans to sustain their families and villages, creating a seed bank and thus preventing famine

Sithabile Child and Youth Care Center, South Africa – $1,500

Support for the center’s Bridging Program, which rehabilitates families in poverty and children in distress, through education, care and counseling.

Women’s Farming Cooperative, Leogane, Haiti – $2,000

Supports women leaders in the planning and rebuilding of community farms and women’s farming cooperatives; food for women and children.

United Action for Children, Cameroon – $2,500

To secure a stable environment for children and youth and strengthen the role of parents and teachers in child development and the local education system.

Voices of Uganda – $2,000

Creating awareness of the plight of children involved in armed conflict through the development of digital diaries documenting their experiences as soldiers and sex slaves.

Crossing Barriers, Minneapolis, MN – $1,500

To provide education services and advocacy for immigrant students and parents who need assistance navigating the structure of the public school system.

Common Ground Relief, LA – $2,000

To support a youth advocacy project that provides opportunities to New Orleans youth needing community service to avoid juvenile detention.

ECPAT, U.S.A, NY – $3,000

To support ECPAT’s campaigns encompassing all issues of child sexual exploitation, including pornography and the trafficking of children for sexual purposes.

Global Education Fund, CO – $2,000

Providing books, literacy tools and support the training of teachers and librarians in orphanages and poor communities surrounding Nairobi, Kenya.

Global Network of Women Peacebuilders, NY – $1,000

Supporting leadership development initiatives for women leaders on the issues of peace and security, global women’s rights, housing and land ownership.

Justice for our Neighbors/New York Neighborhood Immigrant Youth Project – $1,000

To support community organizing and educate young immigrant women about their human rights in the US.

Maura Clarke-Ita Ford Center, Brooklyn, NY – $1,500

To support business skills development, including a Spanish-language course and basic computer literacy skills, including resumé writing and job searches.

Mothers Acting Up, CO – $1,500

To provide education, tools and actions for needy mothers, and enable them to step into new leadership roles so they can ensure children are nurtured and protected.

New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice, LA – $2,000

To help organize female workers and build grassroots leadership and civic participation in communities in the Gulf region.

Plan USA, RI – $1,500

Providing impoverished children and families with self-help programs in health, education, water and sanitation, income-generation and cross-cultural communications.

Project H.E.R. (Health, Education & Recreation) CT – $3,000

Support to strengthen young women’s mentoring programs, and provide safe spaces for young women who have been victims of sexual violence.

Redemption Community Church, GA – $1,000

To foster economic self-sufficiency of low-income women; offer spiritual and personal development, proper nutrition and leadership development.

Resilience Advocacy Project, Bronx, NY – $1,500

Training for young women to provide assistance for other young women through a network of weekly community-based youth advocacy resource desks.

Sauti Yetu Center for African Women, NY – $1,000

Support for the family violence project; providing a safe space for women in African immigrant communities affected by domestic violence.

Southwest Organizing Project, NM – $1,500

Empowering immigrant women and women of color in the southwest; help them achieve racial and gender equality and social and economic justice.

Women of Color Resource Center, Oakland, CA – $1,500

Supporting the the center’s Economic Justice and Human Rights programs on issues of women’s human rights, economic justice and peace.

World Student Christian Federation, NY – $1,000

Engaging young women in the social justice and ecumenical movement, fostering economic opportunities, racial justice and gender equality.

Young Women’s Health Leadership Caucus, NY – $1,000

Provides health information resources for young women so they are empowered to make wise decisions about their health and well-being.