World Day of Prayer 2019 Grants - Slovenia

World Day of Prayer Slovenia – $1,500

WDP Slovenia plans to hold workshops and seminars focusing on young women to further the reach of their organization. Some of these workshops will be international in scope – working with countries along their borders. In addition to workshops they will facilitate field work and volunteer opportunities.

World Day of Prayer Slovenia – Workshops for Mothers – $1,500

Preparatory seminars focusing on mothers who don’t have time for their spiritual life or do not have babysitters for an entire weekend. The Slovenia WDP Committee will prepare workshops with WDP content and enough time to play with the children. Workshops will also promote the children’s service.

Evangelicanka – Association of Evangelical Lutheran Women in Slovenia – $1,500

They have plans for several different local projects of humanitarian aid: to provide women with cultural and historical insight as well as practical skills, via workshops and seminars. The organization will also provide humanitarian aid to local people in Prekmurje and hold meetings for the women of Evangeličanka.

Ursulines Sisters, $1,500

Formerly a convent run by the Ursuline Sisters – now a cultural and religious center – still run by the Sisters. They have a kindergarten operating under the Montessori program, a space for older students, a cultural center, and a retreat center. They offer spiritual and training programs for adults. The Sisters plan to offer and lead women’s groups. They will meet monthly to explore living the inner call, foster an exchange of experiences, as well as create workshops building self-esteem and overcoming traumas.

International Grants

Chilean Network Against Violence Against Women, Chile – $4,000

This organization is comprised of social organizations, NGO’s and women, that since 1990 has been working to eradicate violence towards women and girls. They lodge formal complaints, create campaigns, studies and other coordinated public interventions throughout the country; they also organize film and conversation cycles; implement training schools and developed the “Beware! The Machismo Mata” nationwide campaign. Currently about 300 women’s organizations, feminist and other groups coordinate through the Network, including rural, indigenous, migrant, lesbian, Christian and lay women’s groups. Their program is called: Workshop series for two public schools: Questioning sexism in Education. They plan to implement a workshop series about sexism in education, for students in public schools in Santiago, Chile. Working with students they will encourage them to take a critical view of their curricula. The focus will be on analyzing history, geography and social sciences books as well as language and communication. They plan to address symbolic violence against women as well as generate new content and material about sexism in education.

VOC Rural Development Center (VOC RDC) , Tamilnadu, India – $2,775

VOC is committed to serving society since 1996. Their stated goal is: “To envisage a social order everywhere across disadvantaged women and children that freedom, liberty, equity and equality and social justice are ensured in India. Their project is called: Supporting the School Education of the Stone Quarry Women Workers in 5 villages of T. Vadipatti. They plan to establish five After School Education Centers. Educational materials will be provided for the children, along with basic furniture and sitting mats. Five experienced teacher/volunteers, on a part-time basis will be recruited and appointed to the centers for one year. They will enroll the children of stone quarry workers. 150 children will be given education and 20 parents’ meetings will be organized. The volunteer teachers will work closely with the respective school headmasters, and class teachers to measure the children’s progress.

LEAP Pakistan – $2,225

The mission of LEAP is to transform society by education, linking people and institutions, providing opportunities and protecting the rights of individuals. The areas they are currently working on are: Sustainable Livelihoods, Literacy, Zero Violence, HAQ Movement (Rights & Justice for All and Disaster Preparedness. Educate Me (a project for the women and children of bonded labor families of Faisalabad. They plan to provide educational support to 180 Children (aged 4-9) in 6 villages over 6 months at pre-school centers. The plan is to enroll marginalized children in government schools by the end of the project, increase the literacy level of 120 young girls (ages 13-18) over 3 months via an adult literacy course and to increase the information and education level of 300 women (ages 18-50).

USA Grants

Jeremiah Foundation, New York, NY – $2,500

Jeremiah Program offers one of the country’s most successful two-generation anti-poverty solutions for families headed by single mothers. They partner with diverse single mothers living below the poverty line and their young children to advance social and economic mobility for both generations. Education as a key lever for transformation and self-reliance is the heart of the Jeremiah Program two-generation prosperity solution. They provide holistic services designed to empower single mothers to graduate from college and launch a successful career while also preparing their children for educational and lifelong success. Coaching, Life Skills, and Empowerment for Post- Secondary Success among Single Mothers in Brownsville is their project. Funding from WDP will cover a portion of the hard costs needed to administer three key program components to help Brownsville single moms persist in a post-secondary education program and become economically self-sufficient for themselves and their children:
Empowerment Training, Individualized Family Coaching, and Life Skills Classes.

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