World Day of Prayer 2016 Grants

Lydia’s House, St. Louis, MO – $5,000
Lydia’s House works to end domestic violence by being a place of healing for abused women and their children. Founded in 1995, it is the only program in the St. Louis area providing confidentially located, transitional housing specifically for abused women and their children. Their plans for the grant include: monthly bus passes for residents, over the counter medications and co-pay costs for families in the program as well as school physicals for the children and school supplies.

Latino Union of Chicago, Chicago, IL – $4,000
The Chicago Coalition of Household Workers is the program this grant will be sponsoring. They collaborate with low-income immigrant workers to help them develop the tools to improve their social and economic conditions. The goal is to develop leadership within the immigrant worker community and create feasible alternatives to the injustices immigrant workers face. They equip domestic workers with the tools to protect their health, safeguard their wages, to understand their legal rights and how to seek recourse for sexual violence at work.

World Student Christian Federation, North America, New York, NY – $1,000

Ecumenical Transformative Diakonia: Border Solidarity Program and School of the Americas Convergence. This grant will help students from the US and Canada immerse themselves in issues of migrant justice, border patrol violence, US and Mexico trade and migration policies, deaths of migrants in the desert and other relevant topics. There will be educational activities, biblical and theological reflections and recommendations for advocacy work on migrant justice.
Participants will take what they learn during this trip and in turn educate other people about border related issues and become activists and advocates locally and nationally.

Leadership Improvement and Social Advocacy Center (LISAC), Cameroon – $3,600

Rescue our Girls and Stop Genital Mutilation is a program at LISAC that campaigns against genital mutilation in Sabongari, a town in the northwest region of Cameroon. They intend to educate the community about genital mutilation, rape and gender abuse that usually goes unpunished by traditional councils. They intend to lobby traditional leaders and train teachers and volunteers to educate others. They will hold discussions with community leaders, chiefs and Ngumba traditional council members to educate them about these issues.

EDAN (Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network) part of the World Council of Churches – $2,000

EDAN develops proposals and strategies to ensure that disability discourse is deepened in theological institutions and churches in Cuba. They also work towards the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the life of the church and society. Objectives include:

  • lifting the self-esteem of families with children with disabilities,
  • promoting healthy recreation and entertainment suitable for children and
  • teaching the value of Christian faith to live the abundant life Jesus offers, whatever the circumstances.

Diaconal initiative “Something New for Children” (Algo Nuevo para los Niños), Santiago de Cuba Province. Orthodox Church of God, Cuba – $2,000

Their program works to reduce the damage to children of alcoholic parents. The mission of the church is to work on prevention and rehabilitation. Working with the community and making the church a place of coordinated action with other sectors of society to reach shared solutions. Children meet at the church twice a month and participate in a summer camp.

Women and Gender Program of the Cuban Council of Churches, Cuba – $2,000

This program works with women around the country via workshops and religious services to discuss gender equality and a culture of peace. Participants learn about gender violence, its prevention and ways to break free, among other issues.

Iglesia los Aigos Cuaqueros (Church of the Friends, Quaker) – $2,000

This orphanage is for children whose parent/s have been incarcerated.