World Day of Prayer 2018 Grants - Suriname

Dierenbescherming Suriname – $600

This organization works to prevent natural habitats from being destroyed, and ensure that caps are placed on the capture or killing of animals so that they are not threatened with extinction. They also promote the care of captive and domestic animals.

Stichting. Unu Pikin – Unu Pikin Foundation – $5,000

The Pikin Foundation works to improve the education of children in Suriname. Jobs, care and internships are given to children with disabilities and students from special education schools. They have a workshop with a furniture repair department as well as a bicycle shop that teaches repair and sales. They offer free distribution of books to schools and other institutions with children.

Stichting Stop geweld tegen vrouwen – The Stop Violence Against Women Foundation $5,000

The Stop Violence Against Women Foundation actively contributes to the prevention of domestic violence against women and works to promote the equality of women. Together with the government and other stakeholders, it takes a prominent role in developing and influencing national policy. A professional team of employees work from a system-oriented vision on the approach to domestic violence in order to assist victims and perpetrators in an expert manner.

WDP Suriname Leadership Development Project – $600

This is a training program for new members, particularly young women to learn about the guiding principles and ecumenical purpose of World Day of Prayer. They intend to include young women on the board and create working groups to grow the World Day of Prayer program in Suriname.

Other Organizations

Union Women’s Center – Tblisi, Georgia – $2,100

The Union Women’s Center programs focus on women’s political and economic empowerment. They work to eliminate violence against women, especially domestic violence, trafficking, safe motherhood, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, integration of ethic minorities into basic society, confidence building in conflict regions through public diplomacy, providing medical services, run youth friendly service, hot-line consultation, educational programs on life style and reproductive health at schools and universities. Their program is called Abuse and Neglect in Early Childhood. The program is designed to identify child abuse at the kindergarten level and then to establish a protection system with members of the following groups: teachers, parents, doctors, police, social workers and local religious leaders. After identifying cases they will be referred to local crisis centers. The Center plans of working with local health care centers as well to teach people to identify the signs of abuse and set up a network to deal with it. They also plan to create several publications for teachers, parents, social workers, health clinics and local religious leaders.

Suffolk Presbyterian Church – Suffolk Community, Virginia – $2,100

Suffolk Presbyterian Church’s Living Waters Mission. Living Waters for the World (LWW), founded in 1993 as a Christian ministry of the Synod of the Living Waters, PC(USA), “provides sustainable clean water, fostering long term, mutually beneficial, relationships between volunteers and communities in need.” Early installations targeted areas of significant need, such as the Mexican Yucatan peninsula and Guatemala. Today, more than 900 installations serve purified water in 25 countries. In 2005, the Suffolk Presbyterian Church (SPC) missions team felt called to partner with LWW. In 2006, the church’s Session approved plans to train a team and install a LWW water purification system in Guatemala. Since then, trained teams from this congregation of less than 100 members have taken 14 trips to Guatemala, identifying potential sites, installing three water purification systems, training local health educators and operators, and making the necessary follow-up visits to the sites. Since 2006, SPC has sent 13 people to Guatemala. Ten have been LWW trained; seven are still active.

HOTHS Organization for Human Services – India – $2,100

Nirmala Bai started HOTHS to address issues that affect them and women. In the past the organization has focused on: medical and health camps, seasonal hostels for migrants and their children, providing bore wells for safe drinking water, working to eradicate child marriages and providing counseling to at risk children. Promotion of Evening Tuition Centers for Ensuring the Standard of Academic Education among Tribal Children. HOTHS would like to establish eight after school tuition centers in eight villages with the plan of reducing the dropout rate of poor students, provide awareness of child rights and social responsibility, create a cadre of volunteers among the students in tribal and Dalit communities and provide school uniforms and education materials for the centers.

Society for Rural Health and Development Project (SRHDP) – India – $2,100

Established in 2002, SRHDP works with the people and families who are socially marginalized, economically deprived, educationally backward and culturally conservative in rural and Tribal communities. It is currently working in 46 under developed villages and hamlets in Salem Districts of Tamilnadu, India. Providing protected drinking water in the
tribal settlements. This project plans to harvest water, conserve water and maintain new hand pumps and sink bore wells in seven villages. A total population of almost 10,000 people will benefit. The bore wells and hand pumps will provide safe drinking water; almost 5,000 women and girls will be saved a long trek to fetch water. Gardens and trees will be planted to utilize spillage. Committees will be formed and trained to do the repair and replacement of the pumps in all seven villages.

Frontiers for Now and Tomorrow – Uganda – $2,100

Frontiers for Now and Tomorrow (FONT) is a women-led Community- Based Organization based on non-political, non-denominational, and nonsectarian principles. Formed in 2013 out of a desire to restore, support, and bring hope to marginalized, war-torn communities and help them reestablish in their community and aspire for a better future. These are communities crippled by factors including extreme poverty, lack of education, the spread of HIV/AIDS, lack of access to safe water, rapidly deteriorating ecosystems, and infringement of human rights. Program: Rebuilding Community Through a Library. This project will benefit over 2.000 children and 50 teachers from 14 schools – both public and private in Lapul Subcounty, Prader District. Through this project, the children will have access to reading materials and have an opportunity to study outside the classroom. The geographic area served is a post war recovering community in northern Uganda. Their goals are to:

  • clean and furnish one room of an old school for the library,
  • Equip the library with relevant books,
  • train one local resident in librarianship,
  • develop an operational policy for the library to ensure long-term sustainability.

Overall goal is to improve literacy levels among school >children and adults at Lapit and its surrounding villages.

Public Welfare Foundation – Pakistan – $2,100

PWF specially focuses its attention on oppressed sections of society living in slums, villages and small towns, including bonded labor, ostracized women and neglected children. It works towards their release from economic, social and spiritual shackles that enslave them. The PWF plans to start a part time coaching center and healthcare facility for the children of workers at a brick kiln factory in the village of Shamsha, Pakistan. The center will enroll 80 children from Christian families and given instruction in English, Urdu, math and healthcare. The center will operate for three hours daily.

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