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The Healing at the Pool of Bethesda (John 5:1-9A)

Bible Study for WDP 2020, ZimbabweUlrike Bechmann, Graz (Austria) Some Introductory Words on the Theology of the Gospel of John – The Background The story of the healing at the pool at Bethesda is told twice in the New Testament. The two versions of the Gospel of John (John 5:1-9a) and Mark (Mk 2:1-12) tell […]

A Door of Hope for Zimbabwe’s Most Courageous Women

Violence against women and children is a common phenomenon in Zimbabwe. It occurs, both in the private and public spheres, catalysed by a number of factors that stem from the way in which society is structured. These factors include culture, tradition, religion, politics, and the economy. These factors contribute to shaping societal perceptions of why […]